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Arthur Clark

In a previous life I was an early stage player in the Executive Search business in Canada.  Almost 4 decades were spent serving a large range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to CCPC Technology startups.  In 2007 I retired after 17 years as the President of Barrett Rose & Lee, a boutique search firm in Toronto.   In retrospect, it was very gratifying to have helped solve so many business problems for my client companies and helped accelerate so many careers for candidates.

Shortly after my wife Audrey and I moved to Ajijic in 2009 I became intrigued with the obvious need for MedEvac plans in the Lakeside area.  After reviewing the offerings appropriate for our demographics here, I chose to become an Independent Sales Rep for SkyMed International the clear leader in the Medical Air Evacuation Membership business at that time.  I enjoyed 6 wonderful years in that role and was consistently in the top 4 Representatives out of approximately 60 other Independent Representatives.

As an Independent Agent in Medical Evacuation Memberships, it is my responsibility to represent the best in the industry.  After being introduced to Travel MedEvac LLC, prior to its launch, it became crystal clear their radically different structure was going to be a full level better than the excellent one I was offering.  Because of historical liabilities, it was also obvious this structure would not be possible for any existing company to replicate.   So they, including the company I was representing,  would all become Out-Dated just like the way the GPS made the paper map publishing industry outdated.

In September of 2015 Travel MedEvac commenced operations.   I, along with our SkyMed Team Leader and 9 of the 12 other SkyMed Reps in Mexico, became a VIP Affiliate with Travel MedEvac LLC. 

Travel MedEvac is a company, with great heritage, that is  The New Generation in Medical Air Transportation Membership Programs. It is gratifying to be able to provide affordable peace-of-mind to so many Americans and Canadians visiting or living here in Lakeside with the absolute best program for us.

The former company that I represented is a good company that will continue to provide care for all of the members that I have enrolled with them.

Audrey and I have 4 adult children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  It was interesting for us to realize that each one of our children had pursued their particular life passion in their vocations.  That usually leads to happy lives.  We have 6 grandchildren ages 11 to 20, 4 in the Toronto area, 1 at Michigan State University in Lansing and 1 at the University of Texas in Austin.

Golf is my addiction of choice which is an endeavor that I approach with an equally high degree of enthusiasm and incompetence.   Continuing to play with the other mountain goats at Chula Vista Golf Course will hopefully keep me younger than my years.

I look forward to serving the communities of Lakeside for many more years to come.  Thank you.


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