Travel MedEvac Insurance


Travel MedEvac Insurance set out to create the best MedEvac Plans in the world and they have done it. Introducing MedEvac Plans for Travelers and Expats from any Country, in any Country wanting to go Home for treatment.

In the event of a Serious Injury or Illness, Travel MedEvac Global policy holders are taken to the Hospital of their choice in their Home (Passport) Country from anywhere in the world* by private air ambulance Then they are close to family, familiar doctors and using their medical financial resources available at home.

This covers U.S. residents traveling more than 150 miles from their home throughout the world*, or a non-U.S. resident or Expat plan holder from any country in the world* when outside their Home (Passport) country*.

One example, UK Expats living here at Lakeside who have experienced a Serious medical event can receive an air medical transport back to be near their family in the UK for treatment... even if they happen to be visiting in say, New Zealand at the time. Or they may decide to stay and live in New Zealand and their Travel MedEvac Global Plan goes with them.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance to age 84 - no Medical questions
  • Stable pre-existing conditions covered, day-one
  • Transportation for spouse or travel companion
  • Round trip airfare for a compassionate visit to Hospital bedside.
  • Vehicle or Boat repatriation
  • Repatriation of Physical Remains... including embalming or cremation and Ground transport.
  • Guaranteed only EURAMI or CAMTS accredited services provided, managed by Air Ambulance Worldwide Inc. their preferred provider.
Affordable Medical Evacuation Plans.
  • Choose Global coverage anywhere in the world or just for when in Mexico
  • 30, 90 or180 day or Expat Annual Plans
  • Daily Plans
  • Financial strength, all plans backed by Nationwide Insurance or GBG Insurance. So, this is not a membership that lacks oversight and transparency.
Accredited medical air evacuation companies have undergone an intensive audit of the complete operations of their company, including equipment, staffing, training and business ethics. This provides true peace of mind knowing your health is too important to be bid out to less experienced medical personnel, flight crews and substandard aircraft.

* Does not include countries Restricted by US Government Regulations. If vacations in combat zones are on your Bucket List this restriction will simply add to your Adrenalin Rush.

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