About Us


Arthur Clark

In a previous life, I was an early stage player in the Executive Search business in Canada. Almost four decades were spent serving a large range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to CCPC Technology startups. Years before retiring, Audrey and I had Lakeside in mind for the next stage of our lives. After 17 years as the President of Barrett Rose & Lee, a boutique search firm in Toronto, it was time.

image Shortly after we moved to Ajijic in April 2009, the obvious need for Expats and Visitors in the Lakeside area to have a way to get back up north for a serious medical event, became intriguing. After reviewing the offerings appropriate for our demographics here, SkyMed International was the clear leader in the Medical Air Evacuation Membership business at that time. That lead to 6 wonderful years as their agent here and every month was consistently in the top 4 out of approximately 60 other Independent Representatives.

After being introduced to Travel MedEvac LLC, prior to its launch in 2015, it became clear their radically different structure and vision to become an actual Insurance product was going to be a full level better than the excellent one I was offering. Today, Travel MedEvac Insurance is a Worldwide Insurance product with financial oversight and accountability. Because of this, any existing medevac membership company has become Out-Dated. Think back... when is the last time you bought film for your camera?

Recognizing that visitors and residents of Lakeside have different needs, it became obvious that we needed to have a wider range of solutions. 2018 saw AC Lakeside add VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group (VUMI) for both Medical and Travel Insurance, IMG Travel Insurance and Expat911 for Mexico911 service in English. Additionally, AirMed International, a highly accredited Air Ambulance Carrier with a Membership Plan built-in, was added because they have no age restrictions.

AC Lakeside email marketing is in its 11th year and is currently directed at about 3,200 visitors and Expats at Lakeside. In addition, there have been nearly 2,000 people who have attended my seminars here.

On a personal note, Audrey and I have 4 successful adult children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Success is defined as more than, 'none have ever been in jail... yet'. Surprisingly, each of our children had pursued their particular passions as adolescents into their adult vocations. They must have taken to heart Steve Jobs famous Stanford University Convocation address. Additionally, there are 6 grandchildren ages 14 to 22, the 4 younger ones are in the Toronto area, one is a Senior at Michigan State University and another is a Sophomore at The University of Texas in Austin.

We have 2 dogs in Ajijic, our princess that came down with us from Canada and who, at age 13, is still mistaken for a puppy. Then five years ago a rescue from Lucky Dog joined our team. He attracts stares from people at the Malecon who, like me, would give anything to have his kind of happy energy. Thank you Lucky Dog.

Golf is my addiction of choice which is an endeavor that is approached with an equally high degree of enthusiasm and incompetence. Continuing to play 3 times a week, on foot, with the other mountain goats at Chula Vista Golf Course is definitely keeping me younger than my years.

Thank you for digging through this. I look forward to serving the communities of Lakeside for many more years to come.